Feng Shui decorating tips to add Energy & Love to your space!

Do you believe in Feng Shui? Well, over the years, it’s been in trend and there are many around the globe who hold a belief that Feng Shui is the most effective way to create love, harmony and peace in your space. Decorating your home is the most delighted part of our life, but decorating your home with Feng Shui is far different than the traditional methods.


This ancient art and science has gained so much importance in today’s time that people have started taking the help of experts to balance the energies in their home for a happy and healthy living.


On the way to promote a better help, the Feng Shui decorating tips play a major role.


Take a look:


1. To feel warm and loved at your place, it’s a must to keep your place well-organized and clutter free, especially the entrances.


2. Your room must have necessary windows to let the air and light in. This makes the ambience of your room comforting and surely creates good Chi.


3. Colors are the best part for good Feng Shui. As all the colors hold special meaning in our lives and the right color can activate the right energy in your home and office.


4. Feng Shui decorating tips involve placing the Feng Shui energy activator items (e.g. trigram, quantum code, lucky cate) at the right place in your home and office to create the energy you need for a better living/business environment.


5. Always make sure you get rid of things that are broken or remind you of a negative person/situation. By getting rid of negative things you can create good Feng Shui vibes in your home to bring a positive change and feel the difference.


Hope, the above-mentioned Feng Shui decorating tips will serve your purpose. 


If you have questions like: What exactly Feng Shui is? How do you do that? What should be the sofa arrangement for your living room? What can be the biggest Feng Shui mistakes? And more, then contact Feng Shui Lifestyle in Zurich +41 79 412 44 58 for Feng Shui interior design and Feng Shui living room decoration tips.


Enjoy the energetically beneficial effects of Feng Shui!