Bring fortune & good luck in business with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is very important for office and as well as business space. Why? The office is considered second home since we usually spend around 8 hours or more daily there.


We will share some tips for feng shui for business here and hope you will benefit from them and be happier.


1. Similar to home Feng Shui, clutter is a big no go in your office space too. Clutter and messy space brings bad feng shui energy to the office as well as business and causes confusion and chaos. It also creates unwanted stress. Keep your work space neat and organized as it will help to maintain a stress-free work environment. Clear out clutter not only on your desk, it also applies to the digital device, which means to keep your computer desktop clean and organized.


2. Keep your office lobby and working desk area well lit at all times because light brings the yang energy that causes good fortune to grow and it accumulates positive energy for business.


3In general, placing plants can help in creating a less stressful environment, as long as they don't create more clutter.


4. Conceal any cables and electrical wiring as this helps to reduce mess and also helps to release channels of positive energy.


Conclusion: With simple Feng Shui measure, you can correct the energy flow at work.

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