About me

I am Maja, a Life Coach &  Feng Shui Consultant from Zurich. I Studied Business Administration & have over 15 years of professional experience in the financial industry in Zurich. Years back, I choose this career & trained myself to become a Feng Shui expert by attending classes at the reputed Institute for Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology.


I have polished my skills & learned each & every aspect of this ancient practice to get the mastery. It was the love of colors, design and beautiful living, which encouraged me to begin my career as a Feng Shui Coach.


The SolE Purpose of becoming a Feng Shui Consultant in Switzerland was to provide people with the right & authentic tips on changing their space if they wish to change their lifE.


I am Proud oF WHAT I AM OFFERING to my clients. My ultimative goal is to bring a big positive change in your life! Peace, love, creativity, slef-empowerment, prosperity and focus are the things which I consider the most while working as a feng shui Consultant & coach.


Give an end to your worries with my Feng Shui Consultation!