For every aspect of your life, the Feng Shui tips work wonders. Whether it’s a home, office or any other place, to get the good Feng Shui.


Are you sleeping fitful?


If there is a mirror in your bedroom, it should not be facing your bed, as this can be disruptive. In this case, you could cover the mirror in the evening before going to sleep or place it in a different place so that you can sleep more quietly and thus also better. .



Do you have a top modern designer kitchen and even though you cook rarely?


Often the individual kitchen elements (cooking island, sink, etc.) are not at the optimal place and therefore the kitchen is used too little or too short. With simple Feng Shui measures, you can correct the disharmonious energy flow in your kitchen and thereby create a new cooking and stay ambiance..


Is there a big fluctuation in your team? Is the boss position not properly perceived by the outside world?


It is possible that a desk is not in the right place or interfering elements prevent a positive working energy. In order to be able to work satisfactorily and successfully, I can calculate the ideal working place for you or activate the positive working energy in your office with some Feng Shui corrections.