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with my Feng Shui Working Methods I surely can Improve your finances, love Life or lifestyle.


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Form School


Unfavorably placed pieces of furniture or negative energy from the outside can hinder a harmonious energy flow. This means that you feel uncomfortable in certain rooms because table or bed position has been incorrectly selected, or you are not perceived as a superior by your employees.

With simple Feng Shui optimizations, I am able to correct the disharmonious energy flow.  



The Bagua method can be used to guide your lifestyle (for example: love, career, sales, health problems, sleep disorders, relationship with suppliers / customers) into a positive path. Your rooms will be subdivided into 9 areas, taking the sky directions into account. In the second step, the positive energy flow will be activated in the corresponding area.


Flying Stars


This is the method for calculating your "house stars" and thus also the most complex analysis of your object and your life themes. The stars reveal the quality of the individual rooms and which space influences your lifestyle. The year of your house and the geographic orientation play an important role.