House sale support

Are you having a hard time selling a house or a flat?

Feng Shui can positive impact your house sale or the ambiance of your home.


Just give me a call if you want that a house or a flat will be sold faster or the ambiance in the home should be more harmonized.

Feng Shui Consultation

Enjoy balance, peace & harmony in your life with my Feng Shui expert consultation in Zurich. For me, your concerns are always on the top of my priority. The Feng Shui Corrections create positive energy & release your stress. Over the years, I’ve been practicing hard to deliver you effective recommendations & remedies for a purpose to attract the positive energy. My corrections & optimizations bring big changes in your home, office & life.


The following subjects might interest for you or your roommates

(partners, children, etc.):

Love, Career, Spirituality, Marriage, Relationship to other people, Existential Angst, Life pathway,

Disease, Partnership problems, Family cohesion, Loneliness, Depression, outburst of fury, desire to have children, Money ...  


Here are some examples of business:

Sales, fast response to trends, image, advertising, profit, customers, improving business climate,

expertise, diversity ,Resource management ...  


Included in the consultation is:

- First Feng Shui consultation on site - by daylight

- Evaluation of the recorded data according to the desired Feng Shui method

- Second consultation on site with presentation of the evaluated data

- Submission of the written analysis with design proposals

- On request debriefing approx. 4- 6 months later


Space Clearing creates inner peace and space for new and beautiful.

If you want help for your untidy cellar, then I am here with effective tips. My Space Clearing Tips helps you to create peace & enhance the appeal of your home.


I strictly believe in offering a great help to my clients via Feng Shui Tips to clear negative energy. A brighter, warmer & energetic room can tune up your home & give you a positive feel. With me, you can take the right steps to get your home in order. My Feng Shui, Space Clearing Tips are designed to eliminate the negative energies & maximize the energetic flow to spruce up your space. This is the best Feng Shui guidance platform where Renewal, Aura & Negative Clearing is taken into account to clear the energies of your space.


On the way to clearing out the odd & bringing in the new energies, I’m always ready with my unique & effective Feng Shui Space Clearing guidance.

Get in touch with me to learn more about the Feng Shui Energy Tips for a successful space clearing. 

Logos and business cards

If you believe that designing your business card in a Feng Shui way can affect your business growth, then it won’t be wrong to say, yes. Feng Shui Lifestyle guides you for the ideal color selection for business cards, colors business cards & more. The ideal color selection of your logo or the correct placement of the individual elements on your business card can lead to a more positive presentation of your company to the outside world.
I analyze your business card as well as your company logo or give you an advice about a new design.

I, Maja helps you bring more business with my surefire Feng Shui for Business Cards & colors valuable advice. Your business card speaks for you & make people know you better. With the good flow in your design & color choice, I help you design simple yet attractive business logos & cards. My tips & guidance on Feng Shui for colors business cards is designed to save your money & efforts in designing business cards that fail to bring wealth & good fortune. While designing your Business card, I pay attention to the various elements like shape, images, color & more.

Contact me to build a positive identity of your company.

Life Coach

If you have any question in your mind, then I am Maja, your life coach. During my consultancy, I take into account your personal environment aiming to help you achieve your goals by collaborating it with the feng shui environment.

Whether you are looking for Feng Shui Makeovers, Designs or Problem Solving, I have all the solutions to improve the flow of Chi.

I as a Feng Shui holistic life Coach assure to offer fresh start & take you out of the clutter. To get started with your makeover, you need to connect with me.

I can guide you with your Office, Home, Apartment & other area by creating a sound Feng Shui environment without breaking your bank. I love to help people personalize their environment on a road to bring their dreams to life.

With me, you will get everything you are seeking. Feng Shui symbols are the great healers to empower you & build wealth. My Feng Shui Coaching & tips in Geneva are well-designed to be used by anyone who wants to change the environment of their space.

The right place to start with your home renovations! Let me design the life of your dreams.

Feng Shui Calendar

The 2018 Chinese New Year begins on Friday, February 16th. 2018 will be the year of the dog.


Kindly contact me if you want to find out which date in the year of the dog is good for yoU to get married, to launch a product or to open a new store.